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Gitex Technology Week 2019 – A Spectacular Showdown of Tech Wizards

The 39th Gitex Technology Week will be held in Dubai from October 6 to 10, 2019. It showcases products, innovations, and technologies from across 26 major sectors. More than 4,500 startups and mid-sized companies will participate and about 100,000 visitors are expected to grace the event.

Content spanning 290 hours will be covered. The event holds special significance as it will witness the first-ever Gitex Technology Awards to honour industry trailblazers ad thought leaders.

As we love to be a front-runner in product design and development, we are extremely excited to be part of this spectacular event.  And we wish to keep you updated on our learnings and experiences here.

We are participating and attending the Gitex conference and exhibition, and we bring to you the key highlights of the agenda:

Smart Cities

Cities are at the epicentre of modern life. By 2002, more than 50% of world population will live in cities. Making a city smart can be achieved by collaboration between governments, tech companies, and service providers. To talk about the pressing issues of smart city planning, Gitex Technology Week will feature luminaries such as EDUARD LYSENKO, Minister and Head of Department of IT, Moscow Government and GARY BRANTLEY, CIO, City of Atlanta.

On the agenda are the following:

  • How a 100-year old fishing village, Shenzen, transformed itself into China’s No. 1 smart city in just 3 decades

  • Opportunities for startups in smarting a city

  • Effective use of and automated vehicles in smart cities on-demand parking apps and automated vehicles in smart cities. Our Smart Travel Platform app is a smart solution for B2B and B2C travel bookings. It consolidates travel agents, flights, hotels, portals, and users under a single umbrella using the latest APIs.

Smart Travel 1

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is evolving rapidly and technology has a big hand in bringing about this evolution. Gitex will focus on cutting-edge technologies such as ML and AI being used to refine marketing methods. The impressive line up of speakers will include Stephanie Peterson, VP, Digital Marketing of Adidas and Bernie Su, three-time Emmy Winning Digital Series Creator.

On the agenda are the following:

  • How to use coherent messaging for brand building

  • Influencer Marketing effectively

  • How leveraging video and interactive marketing aids can capture elusive viewers

  • Deploying AI to build buyer personas and track customer journey through sales funnel

  • Case study by Adidas on strategies of campaign building, content creation, and marketing

iView Labs understands the changing face of marketing and caters to changing customer aspirations. Our Loyalty Platform app solution helps companies build an unbreakable bond with its loyal patrons.

By tracking visits and engagement of a customer at a website, our app tailors a loyalty program that encourages visitors to hit the website repeatedly. The app is built to optimize user experience and keep them engaged longer, turning them into loyal promoters of your business.

Loyalty Platform

Retail Tech

Gitex’s Brick-Mortar and Beyond vertical will delve into technology’s role in shaping consumer experience by facilitating easier payment, complaint redressal, and personalized service. The talks will be led by visionaries such as  Greg Moore, Corporate VP, Microsoft and Phillip Raub, Co-founder, Toys “R” Us.

On the agenda are the following:

  • Direct customer-retailer pipeline and its benefits

  • How to use chatbots, VR, and AR for enhancing customer experience

  • Amazon and Alibaba- Settings the bar for retail service providers

iView Labs rides the wave of technology in retail sector too. While technologies like AR and VR were still in nascent stage, we leveraged them to create e-Commerce solutions that give an intuitive look and feel to users. The Jewellery Closet app is one such app solution. It lets users window-shop jewellery by virtually trying it out through a virtual kiosk. The enhanced user experience brings even casual visitors closer to the checkout stage.

Jewellery Closet


As learners get smarter, teaching and training methodologies need to change too. Gitex Technology Week will pinpoint areas where technology can bring about better learning. The talks will be heralded by personalities such as HER EXCELLENCY UZA. MARIYA DIDI, Minister of Defence, Republic of Maldives and HE MOTHANNA GHARAIBEH, Minister of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship, Jordan.

On the agenda are the following:

  • Using gaming for crafting interactive learning experiences

  • Examining how labor demands will change in coming decade and ways to bridge skill gaps

  • Personal account by young students of the changes they wish to see their curriculum and teaching methodology

iView Labs eBook Reader app facilitates self-paced learning by helping users downloads course materials in a jiffy. We use the latest technology stack for efficient front-end –back-end integration that is instrumental in quick downloads.

eBook Reader


With startups mushrooming at the speed of light, you need more than just a bright idea for your startup to succeed. Renowned venture capitalists and entrepreneurs will bring forth their personal experiences and insight to solve burning issues of SMEs. The lineup includes MAGNUS OLSSON, Co-FounderCareem and Amy Golding, Chief Executive Officer, Opus Talent Solutions.

On the agenda are the following:

  • Learn efficient ways of starting an enterprise and then scaling it up

  • Using technology for spreading awareness about your startup

  • Time-proven ways of securing seed capital and funding

Check out our innovative app solutions for startups and enterprises.


Technology is playing an instrumental role in shaping financial and banking industry. To put forth this point, Gitex will feature a lineup of luminaries such as Daniel Goud, Deputy CEO, Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank and Eleni Kitra, Regional Head, Financial Services at Facebook.

On the agenda are the following:

  • Virtual banks and their key value propositions

  • Ethical dilemmas of using technology for monitoring and maintaining financial transactions

  • Tech chat with leaders on development in the next century

  • Gitex Pioneer Awards Ceremony


5G technology is on the verge of breaking dawn but how enabled is your business to leverage it? This is the key agenda for Gitex Technology Week telecom conference. Industry leaders such as Fade Pharaon, SVP and Head of Market Area Middle East & Africa, Ericsson and Jay Giraud, Founder & CEO, Damon will share their insights.

On the agenda are the following:

  • Security concerns revolving around the use of 5G technology

  • Using AI to improve network connectivity and fault tracking

  • How 5G will change the face of Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, and Autonomous Vehicle industry

Follow us here for a granular breakdown day-by-day of the world’s most-awaited technology Week. Do reach out for a free quote or consultation on your next product idea. Don’t forget to hit the share button to spread the knowledge!


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