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We build it for you || We operate it for you || We automate it for you

We are Your Tech Partner

We are a full stack software product development services company,  started in 2012 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

We work with Healthcare, Education & Fintech companies. 

Our strength is our people and our culture. 

  • We help Companies to build their tech teams.

  • We help Companies to launch their ideas and cover their journey from 0 to 1.

  • We help Companies to innovate by creating new digital services or digital business.


iView Labs is one of the most desired partners to startups and Enterprises for new software product development, On demand developers, Tech Teams and for software innovation.

Our Vision

iView Labs was established with a vision to be an innovative organization that builds innovative products on future technologies.

Our Mission

The company’s mission is to become a trustable partner for software innovation, software product development & Digital Transformation for startups and Enterprises.



Siddharth Shah has a BE in Electrical Engineering from Gujarat University India & MBA from the University of Massachusetts Boston USA. He comes from a business family background and always wanted to be a businessman. He loves to negotiate and can sell anything. He loves to solve daily problems in the businesses and industries using his tech Skills and Problem Solving abilities. He is also an amateur barista & an avid sportsman. He  plays tennis, squash and volleyball and is  always up for challenges.

Siddharth Shah, CEO & Founder

  • Siddharth Shah linkedIn Profile

She has been in the IT industry for about 16 years with a varied experience of working for product & service companies. She has helped many founders & Startups to build great digital products from idea to MVP. She is Passionate about Technology, People, New Ideas, Innovation & Problem Solving. She also runs an online community of Creative Problem Solvers and offline Meetups for Idea Generation & Problem Solving. She is curious about new technologies, new perspectives & Experiences and  an Experimenter at heart. 

Meena Shah, Thinker, CTO & Co-Founder

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Meena Shah

Our Story

We build computer vision technologies delivering experiential solution based on touch & gesture being among the first few companies in india doing this back then, we belived we had found our niche.

- Naive Optimism

We did not just want to provide “nice to have” services, but be an integral part of our clients business. We worked with Startups and companies to build their ideas into digital products, from scratch. We probed, listened and understood our customers needs to find scale for our services.

- building, Surviving & Exploring

We were finally not just thinking about survival, but about growing and scaling. We are now transitioning from a small Bespoke Development Agency, building tech products to solving problem of our customer: "RightTechteam", who is able to remove Operational Road blocks in the journey of product building.

- building, Surviving & Exploring

Our Aspirational Future

  • To be innovative & adaptable organization.

  • To be Trustable partner for our Customers.

  • To make work fun & exciting.

  • To be profitable always.

  • To care for our communities.

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Our Values

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