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Technical Consultation & Implementation

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It's important for iView Labs to thoroughly assess their business needs and requirements before implementing Odoo. Engaging with Odoo consultants or experts may also be beneficial to ensure a successful implementation and customization tailored to their specific workflows. iView Labs can benefit from the active Odoo community for support, updates, and a wealth of extensions and modules developed by the community.​ We customize forms, workflows, and reports or develop custom modules to meet unique business requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics 365


Utilize Dynamics 365 Sales for managing client relationships, tracking sales opportunities, and streamlining the sales process. Leverage Dynamics 365 Marketing for planning and executing targeted marketing campaigns. 

It's important for iView Labs to work closely with Dynamics 365 consultants or experts during the implementation process to ensure that the solution is aligned with their specific business goals. Additionally, ongoing support and maintenance are crucial for the success of any Dynamics 365 implementation.

Before implementing Zoho, iView Labs should thoroughly evaluate its specific requirements and workflows to ensure that Zoho's suite aligns with its business needs. Additionally, exploring trial versions and engaging with Zoho's support and documentation can help in making informed decisions. 


iView Labs can benefit from features like contact management, lead scoring, and sales pipeline management.​

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