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Cloud Agile Strategy

By 2019, IDC predicts USD 1.7 trillion in spending worldwide to create new business models, operational efficiencies, and customer experiences. To keep up with the digital world your business needs to transform digitally too. The need of the hour inevitably becomes generating technical capabilities and a cloud application strategy for speedy delivery and management.


To help you achieve all your business goals via the cloud, we help you design the right cloud agile strategy. Our agile approach to cloud & its strategy helps you to move your business functions to private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud & multi-cloud software solutions.

Cloud Agile

Cloud Application Development

Do you want to modernize your legacy and on-premise software solutions to the cloud? We at iView Labs are your partner in building and deploying cloud applications at scale. Our cloud application strategy combines mobile-friendly design techniques, rich databases, and inscrutable server-side programming to give you highly functional enterprise cloud applications. We have proven expertise in setting up private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud applications to optimize your user experience. Our cloud applications are built with the help of AWS and Microsoft Azure - our cloud partners.

Cloud Migration

To migrate your business's on-premise software application to the cloud, you require a relatively faster and inexpensive migration procedure. We help you make this move smoothly and efficiently using the "Lift and Shift" approach. With our cloud migration solutions, our Devops engineers migrate the exact copy of your workload and application (its OS and data) from one kind of IT environment to the other - primarily from on-premise to private or public cloud. Since the lift and shift approach doesn't alter the application architecture or the application code, it is faster, smoother, and requires less labor. With our cloud migration services, you can leverage extensible cloud computing power, networking infrastructure, and storage.



To run your software applications more reliably, smoothly, and effectively, your organization needs to make a cultural shift, a.k.a DevOps - combining development with operations. Through DevOps, your business can automate the entire pipeline of software development.

This saves cost, provides greater efficiency, enables faster software iteration cycles, and gives fault tolerance with running software. At iView labs, we have efficiently implemented DevOps in our cloud development solutions to provide our clients with automated CI/CD pipelines.

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