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Data Dashboards

To improve business decision-making, you need to be data-driven. We help startups and enterprises to transform their raw data to actionable insights with interactive data dashboards, reports, and visual data analytics solutions.

Our data engineering scientists have proven expertise in creating intuitive business dashboards to help you visualize and understand your data. With our end-to-end data management solutions and visualisation services, you can make essential business decisions swiftly.

Data Dashboard
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Data Lake

Several data source variations help a business in its daily operations. But, with a hefty chunk of data, there arises a need to create a single repository for all the organization’s data. To reduce the time and effort to segment and analyze data, we help your business to have an enterprise data hub. At iView labs, we create a data lake for your organization to help you consolidate data from different sources.

With our cloud partners Azure and AWS, we complement existing data warehouses to create an integrated data transformation strategy. Our big data analytics consulting services allow you to scale up your inherent data capabilities as and when required.

Data Analysis

For enhanced business decision-making capabilities, you need to have a user-ready business model which can store data easily. At iView labs, our data analytics solutions convert large chunks of multipart and different data into easy-to-understand data at your fingertips.

Our data scientists gather data from multiple sources like large data warehouses, web clickstreams, and social media to give you a 36-degree analysis of your business. With our data analytics consulting services, we help you turn your complex data into spontaneous reports, interactive dashboards and help you understand your customer behavior for better decision making.

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