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How iView Labs helped a Swiss-Israeli startup to deliver personalized healthcare

In the medical field, where each patient is unique, traditional blanket solutions can be both ineffective and disheartening. Standard approaches often result in lower success rates and costly and inconvenient return visits. However, with innovative planning and manufacturing technologies, clinicians can now provide patient-specific care that significantly improves outcomes and saves lives. This shift is driving a trend toward mass personalization and customized treatment.

By considering each patient’s unique attributes—such as genetics, physical traits, environment, and lifestyle—personalized medicine offers a more compassionate and effective way to treat individuals. This approach respects the individuality of each patient, ensuring that treatment plans are as unique as the people they aim to heal.

Clinicians, researchers, and experts from medical device companies believe that in 10 years, technology will become sustainable for common clinical applications and will set the new standard of care. 

The partnership between DocDok Health and iView Labs is a shining example of how technology and innovation can transform the healthcare industry. This article focuses on how personalization puts “care” back into healthcare, ensuring that treatments are tailored to individual needs, improving patient outcomes, and making the healthcare system more efficient and sustainable. 

The Essence of Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine aims to enhance clinical decision-making by identifying in advance the patients who will benefit most from a specific treatment, thereby reducing unnecessary costs and minimizing adverse side effects. 

The global personalized medicine market was valued at USD 538.93 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.20%  to USD 939.92 billion by 2030. 

Health technology, or health tech, is a key driver in the shift towards personalized healthcare. It addresses various challenges in traditional healthcare, such as high costs, long wait times, inefficiencies in drug development, and limited access to healthcare services. Healthtech promotes quality care by personalizing patient experiences—from insurance payments to diet and sleep patterns—thereby reducing the strain on the healthcare industry.

How is DocDok Health personalizing Swiss Healthcare with the help of iView Labs?

A prime example of health tech's impact is the Swiss-Israeli startup DocDok Health, based in Switzerland. By collaborating with AstraZeneca, DocDok Health is enhancing the treatment of respiratory diseases. Recognized as one of the top 50 Swiss healthcare products and included in the Gold List of the Swiss Innovation Program, DocDok Health is dedicated to delivering personalized healthcare through advanced technology and patient data collection.

DocDok Health's approach includes three main products: Connect, Understand, and Impact, which provide a comprehensive patient care solution.

Technical Implementation by iView Labs

DocDok Health had the vision, but to materialize its groundbreaking solutions, iView Labs played a pivotal role. They assembled a skilled tech team proficient in JAVA Springboot and React Native to maintain and enhance the company's web and mobile applications. In just three weeks, iView Labs put together a remote team of five talented software engineers, streamlining the process and setting the stage for innovation.

This dynamic collaboration introduced several key features and technologies. Synchronous video consultations enabled real-time interaction, while asynchronous communication via chat and bot services offered flexible engagement options. Advanced tools for capturing both subjective and objective patient data were integrated, and seamless collaboration with several "Keep It Simple" vendors boosted overall functionality.

The partnership between DocDok Health and iView Labs has resulted in numerous benefits. Patients now enjoy easier access to healthcare services and are empowered with better tools and information. Personalized care has improved health outcomes, while streamlined processes have increased efficiency. Patient engagement has soared, and the focus on sustainability has fostered the development of long-lasting healthcare solutions.

iView Labs -  the ideal tech partner for your dream project?

iView Labs could be a valuable partner for healthcare technology projects because we can assemble skilled teams and deliver high-quality solutions quickly. The direct collaboration between our tech team and DocDok Health’s CTO facilitated a deeper understanding of product needs, which has been instrumental in the success of DocDok Health’s initiatives.

With a strong track record of success in projects like DocDok Health, iView Labs has demonstrated its capability to enhance healthcare delivery through innovative technologies such as Java SpringBoot, React Native, and Flutter. Our ability to adapt quickly to project requirements and deliver exceptional results makes us a reliable and strategic partner to advance your healthcare technology initiatives.

If you are considering partnering with iView Labs, contact us at Our team quickly responds to your queries, and if you are interested, we can get started in no time. Visit our website, for more information.

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