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The MUMOS can be used in the different sectors of the hospitality industry such as tourism, event planning and even transportation

Hospitality | India

From the minute the diner walks in, the demand for an interactive immersive experience is very real and imminent. As for the restaurant, increasing workforce costs, the balance of spend, profits and revenue, maintaining a digital relationship with their clients and diners is paramount. They are on the constant lookout for solutions that conquer the best of both worlds of cost efficiency and increased productivity.

Our interactive Dining application gives the control of the dining experience squarely in the diner’s hands and automates the ordering/management process.




Multi touch table with flawless performance

Dinner via fun games & social updating

Seamlessly integrated with point of sales system

Tracking of inventory/waiter shift management



Lower staff costs

Higher number of diners in the restaurant

Higher customer spend

Increased profits and revenue

Wow-factor with the immersive experience

Digital relationship with clients & diners

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