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DocDok Health

DocDok Health is in one of the top 50 swiss healthcare products and is also now in the Gold List of Swiss Innovation program

Health Care | Swiss Israel

Swiss-Israeli startup helps to improve the treatment of respiratory diseases in cooperation with Astra Zeneca. It is in one of the top 50 Swiss healthcare products and now, it is also included in the Gold List of Swiss Innovation program. is building a solution for healthcare providers to deliver personalized healthcare to their patients, by collecting patient data.

Connect, Understand & Impact are their 3 products that help deliver a holistic solution for patient care.


Technical Implementation

Team iView Labs worked with docdok CTO to build the tech team of JAVA Springboot and React Native developers to maintain their existing web and mobile applications

We were able to match up to their healthcare product needs and tech team talent needs in span of just 3 weeks by building a remote team of 5 software engineers working on JAVA Springboot, React, and ReactNative to help update their existing applications and help them to roll out new ones.

The tech team who got onboarded for this project were working directly with the CTO of Swiss-Israel Company with no project manager in between, this has helped to get the real exposure to understand product and client needs in a much better way.



Synchronous (video)

Asynchronous Communication (chat, bots)

Subjective and objective data capturing

Integration with several "Keep It Simple" vendors



Stronger Empowerment

Better health outcomes

Increased efficiency

Better patient engagement

More sustainable

Easier Access

product details

Project Details

Team Size: 5 Members

Project Duration: 2+ Years [Ongoing]

Company Domain: Health Care

Company Location: Swiss Israel


Tech Stack

Java SpringBoot (JHipster, Micro-services, AWS)


React Native

React JS

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