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Development of PiTAJI

Real Estate Web App

Real Estate | India

It is a platform where people can buy, sell, rent the properties as well as buy or sell the building materials.​

With the most exhaustive property options and trustworthy real estate deals, Pitaji is an ultimate guide for all your real estate needs.

Envisions to be a platform for one stop solution for customers providing Building Materials and Real Estate services.

They are a dynamic online real estate portal providing a platform for selling, buying, renting and financing properties for both residential and commercial purposes.


Technical Implementation

Team iView Labs create wireframes and mockups for the Pitaji web app. This will help the client visualize the web app's layout and functionality.

It was a kind of a challenging task to gather requirements and define user story as the clients are from non-technical background.

Team iView Labs quickly started exploring and did this project seamlessly using Angular 9+ and NodeJS.

Team iView, successfully met the client expectations in 12 weeks, and provided a viable Real Estate Web-App.



Smart Property Search

Buy/Sell/Rent Properties

Seprate Admin & Tenant Login

Property Listing & Detailing

Buy/Sell Building Material




Improved communication


Increased transparency

Time Saving


Project Details

Team Size: 05 Members

Project Durations: 12 Weeks

Company Location: India


Tech Stack

Node JS


Company Domain: Real Estate


Let's Talk

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