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Development of OCR PoC

The browser-based offline solution

Healthcare | United States

iView Labs embarked on a transformative project in collaboration with a prominent healthcare client in the USA. The objective was to create a browser-based offline solution to enhance data processing efficiency, and the team delivered a Proof of Concept (POC) that showcased groundbreaking capabilities.

iView Labs successfully demonstrated their ability to innovate and provide tailored solutions. The browser-based offline solution showcased the power of OCR, RegEx, and seamless integration with Adobe Sign. The project provides a strong foundation for enhanced data processing, and the proposed scalability options illustrate a commitment to meeting evolving needs.

iView Labs remains at the forefront of technology-driven solutions, helping their healthcare client transform data management processes.


Technical Implementation

Single HTML File POC: iView Labs engineered a remarkable solution encapsulated within a single HTML file. This approach eliminated the need for complex server setups or the installation of additional dependencies, simplifying deployment and usage.

Clipboard Integration for Image Snips: The project leveraged the default clipboard functionality to facilitate the loading of image snippets. These snippets were stored in the blob data format, enabling seamless data handling.

OCR with Tesseract.js: To tackle the challenge of text extraction from images, iView Labs incorporated the Tesseract.js library, a robust Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool. This technology enabled automatic text extraction from snipped images.

RegEx for Information Extraction: iView Labs employed Regular Expressions (RegEx) to extract crucial information from the extracted text. These predetermined RegEx patterns were designed to categorize and classify data based on specific criteria.

Seamless Integration with Adobe Sign: Within the project, iView Labs created a web form using Adobe Sign, meticulously tailored to the client's requirements.





product details

Project Details

  • Team Size: 03 Members

  • Project Durations: 04 Weeks

  • Company Domain: Health Care

  • Company Location: United States


Tech Stack

  • Adobe Acrobat Sign

  • Open Source OCR Engine 

  • Javascript

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