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Development of Certify

Next generation assessment and proctoring solution.

EdTech | United Kingdom

Certify is a next generation assessment and proctoring solution helping awarding bodies, university or company that needs flexibility, modularity, and total control of their own test publishing without being subjected to huge managed service costs and poor or indifferent service.

It offers :
● Authoring testing/platform with both online and offline modes.
● Remote proctoring/invigilation platform with Live, AI-augmented live, or automated flagging.
● Global test center network.
● Consolidated network of Proctors/Invigilators who work with proctoring platforms or third parties.
● Assessment portal for test taker management, payment registration, voucher registration, eligibility management, and test center management.
● Boutique assessment solutions with a global reach.
● GDPR compliance with servers based exclusively in the EU.


Technical Implementation

Team iView Labs worked with Certify General Manager to help with Full Stack Developer who work with their team to build, support and maintain their existing web portal.

We were able to match up to their product needs and tech team talent needs in span of just 48 hours by providing a Full Stack Developer to help building, supporting maintaining dashboard for their existing web portal.

The developer who got onboarded for this project were working directly with the IT Program Manager of UK-based Company, this has helped to get the real exposure to understand product and client needs in a much better way.



Live proctoring

Payment integration

Theme customization

2 way voice communication




User Friendly







Project Details

Team Size: 02 Members

Project Duration: 3 Months

Company Domain: EdTech

Company Location: United Kingdom


Tech Stack

React JS

Node JS

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