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Development of Capte

A cutting-edge IOT solution

IoT | Netherlands

Capte is cutting-edge IOT solutions. Universal monitoring platform for trucks, buses, machines, EV chargers, vessels, garbage trucks, everything. Capte develops, produces and integrates smart IOT solutions.

It offers a range of different features through its web portal. From pure data-acquisition to the most business specific dashboard and means of reporting.

Capte-Portal is designed to support business needs as they grow in terms of exhaustivity of data and means of processing and visualization.


Technical Implementation

Team iView Labs worked with Capte Founder to help with Senior Software Engineer who work with their team to build, support and maintain their existing web portal.

We were able to match up to their product needs and tech team talent needs in span of just 24 hours by providing a remote Senior Software Engineer to help building, supporting maintaining dashboard for their existing web portal.

The developer who got onboarded for this project were working directly with the Founder and Co-founder of Netherland-based Company, this has helped to get the real exposure to understand product and client needs in a much better way.



  • Live Operations

  • Dashboard

  • Reports

  • Fleet Tracking

  • Diagnostics

  • Graphalyzer



  • Easy Installation

  • Super Reliable

  • Plug & Play

  • Multi Interface

product details

Project Details

  • Team Size: 02 Members

  • Project Duration: 06 Months

  • Company Domain: IoT

  • Company Location: Netherlands


Tech Stack

  • Vue JS

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