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Augmented Reality

Our solutions enable user experiences to be interactive and the ability to be digitally manipulated. Adding object recognition to your branding, learning solutions to lay artificial information on the world your eyes can see

Marketing | India

In this extremely competitive world, where advertising is key to product differentiation and customer engagement, our solutions go beyond just traditional banners. An interactive platform designed using Augmented Reality for learning with iPads.

As complex as the term Augmented Reality sounds, simply put – it is a tool used to generate a composite view for the user which is a combination of real world as seen by the user and a virtual scene generated on top with additional information. Our interactive solutions aim to blur this line with the use of advanced AR technology. The result- unique and edgy advertising products for your company.

Our team of engineers can customize and deploy this solution for a varied number of sectors. Customization and technical innovation in Augmented Reality is what we are constantly striving toward.



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