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Analytic Dashboard

Data Analytics Software & Touch Screen Hardware Kiosk are Very Important for the companies and organization with the lot of data

Dairy | India

A pioneer and an autonomous body helping the nation to enhance the milk production, NDDB wanted to strengthen the presence of their farmer cooperatives and initiatives in the state of Gujarat. One such important project was the National Dairy Plan Phase (NDP 1) which was conceptualized with the sole aim of increasing the production of milk to meet rapid demands and also provide rural area to produce greater access to the organized milk processing sector.Post extensive research and many productive iterations later, our multitouch interactive solution was tailor made for NDDB. Right at the onset, it was an information kiosk in which people could experience all the details of this premier project at different stages along with statistics and numbers.

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Displayed Interactive maps and infographics

Furnished information on various activities

Project outlays & outcomes of programs

Condensed interactive graphs

Centralized database for all users



Interactive Dashboard

Dynamic analysis of data combined

Project reports

Increases the aspirational value

Centralized storing of information

product details


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