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Aarohi Gems and Jewellery

Jewellery Just for You

E-Commerce | India

Aarohi Gems & Jewellery is the brainchild of Meghna Anal Shah, who is the founder, proprietor, and head designer.

Aarohi Gems & Jewellery started with retailing exclusive fusion jewellery. Meghna has recently introduced a new line of designer jewellery by beautifully blending Afghani, Indian and fusion concepts. Her keen eye for colors, designs, and amalgamation makes each piece of jewellery a unique piece of art.

At Aarohi Gems & Jewellery they diligently strive to ensure and that each piece of jewellery is exclusive and of top quality and design, while client satisfaction remains their priority.


Technical Implementation

Team iView Labs choose a suitable ecommerce platform for developing the Aarohi Gems & Jewellery website, such as Shopify. This will ensure that the website is equipped with features for managing products, processing orders, and handling payments.

Our Team set up payment gateway integration to handle credit card processing, using PayPal.

Team iView Labs implement an inventory management system that allows the Aarohi Gems & Jewellery team to easily add, remove, and update product listings on the website.

We also implement a search feature that allows users to search for specific products.



Customer Support & Services

Theme Integrations

Payment Integration

Search Functionality

Customer Review & Ratings



Improve Customer Services

Lower Cost

24/7 Availability

Increased Sales

product details

Project Details

Team Size: 03 Members

Project Durations: 01 Month

Company Domain: E-Commerce

Company Locations: India


Tech Stack


Paypal Integrations

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