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Storywars Talk

An ultimate cloud application for classroom voice recordings, speech to text conversion and analytics

EdTech | Sweden

Internet technologies have enabled global students to learn together. With the advent of online classrooms, meetings, conferences, virtual events, schools, teachers are looking to gather more information about participation, their engagement, their content and its quality. What if technology could empower the facilitators of online classrooms, discussions or meetings to have better analytics which helps them in to take better decisions.

One such use case was given by our customer in Sweden from education industry who wanted to build a web, mobile cloud solution for schools, Online event organisers to empower them with a tool which can help them to measure who talks in the classroom and also be able to record it and analyze the content. An interactive cloud repository where the voice and content memos are recorded and preserved and can further be archived and retrieved to analyze the data and recording of the meeting, classroom to have better decision making and analytics.


Technical Implementation

As a product development team, we always include all stakeholders (Design, Development, Technical, Business) before we move ahead with our designing & Development of user stories.

iView Labs technical & Business team really sat together and build an exhaustive list of user stories from just 6-7 lines from customer’s vision. We build an entire MVP stage product for our customer in just 12 weeks on all platforms. Here, we use React native framework to build cross platform applications.

The main task here was about audio recordings, storing, transcribing them to text and then running an analytics over the conversion in near real time basis. Multiple job schedulers were created with AWS services to make audio recording and its text conversion happen seamless.

Our product development team used AWS speech to text services and Panda analytics and NodeJS backend job schedulers.



  • Registration

  • Voice Recordings Module

  • Subscription Management

  • Events Management

  • Analytics Module

  • Auto Job Schedulers

  • Admin Panel & User Management



  • Valuable information about every lesson/meeting

  • In Near Real time Speech to Text conversion

  • Audio Player at different speeds

  • Track the engagement of each participant

  • Generate meeting with speech to text conversionVoice Recording

product details

Project Details

  • Team Size: 6 Members

  • Project Duration: 10 Weeks

  • Company Domain: EdTech

  • Company Location: Sweden


Tech Stack

  • Angular 8

  • NodeJS

  • AWS, EC2, RDS, S3, Load Balancer, Route53

  • React Native

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