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Digital Printing App

A mobile app for professional customized digital printing

Digital Printing | Italy

Photocity is a leading Digital studio for photo printing in Italy. Over 3000 professional photographers use their printing products and customized printing services to create professional prints and photobooks.

They use cutting edge technologies for photo printing and were looking to serve their existing customer by making photo printing easy from their mobile phones.

Photocity mobile app was developed with the purpose to allow their customers to quickly choose the photos, do customisation and order photocity’s products quickly.


Technical Implementation

Team Photocity decided to develop a hybrid mobile app using Flutter framework. Team iView Labs, quickly worked on UI/UX designs and list down the common components and plugins which would be used throughout the application and it’s variety of products and customizations for photo printing.

Choosing the right libraries to allow to do tedious work on photos; photo preparing, photo cropping, photo customization to make the order ready to be printable were really the key factors for the success of this app. We faced problems related to memory and management of large files and cropped photos but our team worked dedicatedly to solve all the issues to release a stable version to the client.

Team iView worked closely with the Project Manager at the client side to ensure all the expected functionality is met and the hybrid mobile app is up to the mark with the right quality.



  • Registration

  • Product Listing & Details

  • Customization & Selection of Images

  • Ordering

  • Online Payment

  • Offline Customization



  • Customization of PhotoBook

  • Increase Revenue by adding mobile users

  • Professional Photo Printing

product details

Project Details

  • Team Size: 3 Members

  • Project Duration: 16 Weeks

  • Company Domain: Digital Printing

  • Company Location: Italy


Tech Stack

  • Flutter

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