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How Voice Technology Can Enhance The User Experience in Your eCommerce App

As per Adobe Analytics survey, US, Mar 2019 which was conducted on 400 organizations, 91% of respondents said that they were ready to make investments in voice enabled experiences.

This survey also revealed an interesting data that respondents were looking to prioritize voice experiences in their ecommerce app with definite “Call to action” in “Making a new Purchase” and for “Tracking Orders”.

If we look at just the US and understand consumer behaviour and usage of voice in e-commerce applications, we will be surprised to know that In 2021, just over 45 million consumers from used voice technology for their shopping experience. This clearly shows how consumers in the US are preferring Voice enabled experiences for their ecommerce apps.

This shift in consumer behaviour comes naturally considering how voice enabled experiences are preferred for enhanced shopping experience in ecommerce applications Here are a few powerful ways in which voice and voice enabled experiences enhance customer user experience in an eCommerce app.

Voice in eCommerce mimics the assistance users get in an offline shopping experience

While traditional eCommerce apps enable consumers to shop from the comfort of their homes, there is still one thing missing – human-like customer assistance.

Yes, there are customer support options for users to seek help from, but they are nowhere close to the in-store shopping experience where a salesperson assists them with their needs.

By equipping your eCommerce app with voice enabled experience, you can bring that human-like warmth to the online shopping experience. Smart, AI-enabled voice assistants can act like virtual salespeople and make the entire experience rich with personality, friendliness and personal attention.

Voice enabled experiences in eCommerce apps facilitates a faster and more convenient way to shop

Speaking is definitely faster than typing, that’s a no brainer. Voice recognition technology also makes it possible for a user to conduct searches hands-free. To offer this convenience of fast and hands-free shopping, enabling your eCommerce app with voice is a good idea.

Here is an interesting study to illustrate how voice searches are getting popular globally. Way back in 2018, Google found that over 27% of the online population was using voice search on their smartphones. Out of those, over 60% of users were found to have contacted a business directly from the voice search results!

Voice commerce makes a single-step voice to cart experience possible

One of the most distinguishable features of voice-enabled eCommerce apps is the reduced number of steps required to take an action.

With a voice recognition feature in your eCommerce app, you enable a user to add items to the cart with one quick voice command.

Imagine there is a user who wants to place a grocery order. If they use a traditional eCommerce app, they have to manually search for a product, select its quantity, and add it to the cart. And then, they have to repeat the entire process for all the other products they want to buy.

Now imagine the same user placing a grocery order with a voice-enabled eCommerce app. They can simply say something like “add 2 packets of (brand) multi-grain bread to the cart” and it’s done.

Which one of the above two ways provides a more user-friendly shopping experience? You guessed it.

In fact, almost every action that a user wants to take on a voice commerce app becomes a single-step process.

If they want to track the status of delivery for an order or look for an invoice, they can just ask for it, without having to undergo the 3-4 steps required in an otherwise traditional eCommerce app. Similarly, checking offers, finding out the price of something, checking product availability and almost everything else becomes a single step process.

With voice technology, eCommerce apps can offer enhanced personalization

Personalization is undoubtedly an important contributor to customer loyalty. On the other hand, a lack of personalization may cause a business to lose its customers. According to the State of Personalization Report 2021, over 60% of consumers are likely to become repeat buyers for a retailer after a personalized shopping experience. Additionally, about 63% of the consumers said they would stop buying from brands that use poor personalization tactics.

While it has been pretty common for traditional eCommerce apps to offer features like “recommended for you,” personalization is still dependent on purchase history. Therefore, these apps cannot provide a personalized experience to a new user.

On the other hand, the use of advanced AI and NLP mechanisms in voice technology enables the app to accurately gauge the gender, age, language accent or even the mood of the user when they input a search query. Even though this information is still not specific enough to offer a perfect personalized first time shopping experience, it’s still a few steps ahead compared to non-voice apps.

Moreover, the potential for an AI-powered voice assistant to understand consumer behaviour is much more polished than traditional systems of relying on purchase behaviour. As a result, integrating voice experience in your eCommerce app can offer a much more advanced personalized shopping experience to the users.

Be an Early Adopter and Enable Voice based Experience in Your eCommerce App

In a nutshell, voice-enabled apps offer a faster, quicker and more convenient online shopping experience to users. In an era wherein consumers are putting the highest emphasis on advanced personalization, voice based experience can be your most powerful medium to enhance the user experience of your eCommerce app.

If you are planning to build an eCommerce app and need guidance on how you can integrate voice with it, we are here to help you.

iView Labs is a versatile team of app developers and business consultants with deep multi-industry expertise. Contact us here and we will answer all your questions regarding voice-enabled eCommerce app development.

To know more about iView Labs, kindly log on to our website and to get in touch with us with your queries and needs just write us an email on and Download the latest portfolio to see our work.

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