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How Settle App settled with iView Labs for their React Native Development needs

Fintech has been one of the most significant technological innovations in recent years. The pandemic in 2020-2021 accelerated the mass adoption of fintech-powered payment solutions, making these apps a staple of everyday life. This growth has continued. According to a survey, 55% of consumers reported that fintech apps are helping them navigate economic challenges.

Among these, digital wallets have grown in popularity due to their ease of use, security, and compatibility with numerous stores. They allow users to pay with their phones, store credit cards, and make transactions more convenient. Additionally, digital wallets facilitate sending money to friends and using cryptocurrencies, further integrating into everyday financial activities.

In this article, we explore how Settle, a European payments app, is at the forefront of this fintech revolution with its cutting-edge product, beginning with the challenges the app wants to solve.

Challenges of traditional payment methods

Traditional finance systems often face several challenges that fintech aims to address—inefficiencies in traditional banking lead to slow and cumbersome processes that hinder quick transactions and fund transfers. High costs are another major issue. Transaction fees are high, and cross-border payments are a hassle.  

Moreover, a large percentage of the global population is unbanked or underbanked. A quarter of adults lack bank accounts. Hence, they cannot take out loans or send and receive payments.

Fintech is changing this. It offers solutions that are faster, cheaper, and more accessible, minus the cumbersome bureaucracy. Using advanced technologies, fintech companies provide services that traditional banks struggle to match. From instant transfers to low-cost international payments, fintech makes finance more user-friendly.

Settle: The Ultimate European Payments App and Digital Wallet

Settle, a European payments app and digital wallet is at the forefront of this fintech revolution. It provides a simple, fast, and secure way to pay and get paid instantly using just a mobile phone number. Users can make payments remotely, in stores, in apps, and online.

Settle's services are designed to be as safe as regular bank transfers but significantly quicker. Some of the standout features of Settle include instant payments, a quick onboarding process that takes less than two minutes, and a versatile money request feature that allows users to add personalized text and pictures to their requests and cancel them at any time.

Additionally, Settle supports multi-currency accounts, enabling users to add any debit or credit card issued in the European Union, transfer Settle funds to a bank account for free, and keep multiple currencies. All these features are protected by military-grade encryption, PIN, and biometric in-app security.

Partnership with iView Labs

To develop its cutting-edge solution, Settle turned to iView Labs, an expert in providing tailored technical solutions. iView Labs supported Settle by matching their product and tech team needs with a React Native Developer within 48 hours. The IView team worked directly with Settle's COO, ensuring a deep understanding of product and client needs, leading to more efficient and effective development processes.

Settle: Key Features Developed and Supported

iView Labs played a crucial role in enhancing several key features of Settle's app:

  • Location Tracking: Enhancing user experience with geo-specific functionalities.

  • Multi-Currency Account: Supporting multiple currencies for broader user appeal.

  • Payment Integration: Ensuring smooth and secure transactions across various platforms.

  • Dashboard: Providing users with a comprehensive overview of their accounts.

  • Messaging: Enabling communication within the app for requests and notifications.

The outcome of the collaboration between Settle and iView Labs has been overwhelmingly positive. Enhanced app functionality and user experience have been achieved, along with improved speed and efficiency in development cycles. Security features have been strengthened, ensuring that user data and money are well-protected.

Settle's COO and team members have praised iView Labs for their valuable contributions, highlighting the improved alignment with product and client needs. Settle's achievements in the instant payment space, supported by iView Labs, show the transformative power of fintech.

iView Labs -  the ideal tech partner for your dream project

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