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How iView Labs builds positive impact to it’s team!

Strong teams are the foundation for a successful organisation. An organisation’s way of dealing with situations is defined by its culture and this behaviour, in turn, impacts its’ teams and their undercurrents within. An organisation’s culture is formed from the way in which the organization treats its employees and the way employees relate to the management, to each other, to their customers and to their team members. As organisations grow, subcultures get formed and these have their own dynamics.

Moreover, as organisations flatten, the layering of teams’ changes as it becomes a combination of contributions from individuals with different backgrounds, values, and perspectives. Strong teams are those that strive to merge personal credibility with professional proficiency of all members, where members have a sense of responsibility for each other and where open communication promotes innovative ideas. At iView Labs, it is our constant endeavour to bond team members through a friendly, open, transparent yet focused culture.

As defined by the Dutch professor Geert Hofstede, culture is “the collective programming of the mind distinguishing the members of one group or category of people from others”. While this can provide a plethora of opportunities for innovation and progress, it needs a strong cultural foundation that helps define expectations. This is what we believe in firmly.

Following are the principles that we follow at iView Labs to form a strong culture that leads to healthy relationships within teams and brings about positive changes.

  • Shared Mission: The mission is not only communicated from the top down but is also shared unanimously and followed religiously by all members at all times. All members thrive constantly to keep their words, plans, and actions in line with what our mission stands for.

  • Flattened Structure: Hierarchies are detached and a culture where ability and talent are recognised rather than age and experience alone is encouraged. We encourage innovation through an open approach where anyone can come forward to show interest in taking a lead. Also, decision making is a collective process and is not left to the founders alone.

  • Open Communication: Easy, open and honest communication is encouraged. At a professional level, when it comes to sharing thoughts and ideas about work, our members are free to give their opinion on various topics without fear of being judged. They are also given updates on changes in projects and their opinions are solicited. At a personal level, each individual has the confidence to come forward and share his/her reasons honestly for simple yet important aspects such as taking leave.

  • Open to Feedback: All stakeholders including senior management, team leaders and team members are open to giving and receiving feedback. At iView Labs, it is a regular practice to conduct a review meeting after each project to know what went well, what needs improvement and the best way forward.

  • Trains, Un-trains, and Re-trains: The focus at our firm is not only on training new employees but also on un-training existing personnel from old and out-dated habits and constantly retraining individuals to newer tools, techniques, and skills. We invest actively in employee training workshops and programmes. Members are also encouraged to come forward with areas where they wish to develop their skill sets. At iView Labs, we support continuous learning and development at all times and at all levels.

  • Creates a natural environment: With a team-oriented culture, we constantly encourage our employees to connect beyond the office and work hours by organising team meet-ups, friendly getaways, and relaxing retreats. We also use team-building exercises to boost more solid relationships between individual members. For example, there was a fun “fruit party” event organised at the office which brought members much closer beyond the regular tasks. That day is recalled with a smile by everyone even today.

  • Addresses problems quickly: No team is free of occasional issues and problems. A strong culture of addressing problems quickly leads to healthy teams. Our founders and leaders ensure that problems no matter how big or small are taken seriously and addressed quickly to ensure smooth movement from one task to another.

An organisation’s culture impacts the way teams form, reform and operate within an organisation. A positive organisational culture, humane oriented teams, and collaborative approach can generate high performance through the entire business. Such a culture creates a workplace that focuses on employee well-being, achievement, and passion for work.

iView Labs culture is one that constantly strives to increase faith, efficacy, and solidity between its members. We are witness to the positive outcome of such an approach and confident that this will take us a long way in handling team dynamics, building healthier teams and working together as one for our clients.

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