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Temperature Monitoring App

A mobile app to track and monitor biotech drugs shipment for life sciences industry

Health Care | Canada

Our Client MaxQ Research is a custom design, manufacturing & packaging firm which helps life science industry to maintain biologics and biotech drugs at specific temperatures to retain quality, maintain efficacy and prevent degradation.

They design, validate and track packages for Innovative Blood Bank, Biologics, Pharmaceutical and Clinical Trials.

The MaxQ Temp Monitoring Apps provides live temperature monitoring, tracking and notifications.


Technical Implementation

Team MaxQ was looking to upgrade their temperature monitoring iOS and Android apps. Their main concern was to upgrade older mobile apps seamlessly with new hardware improvements.

Team iView Labs had assigned 1 account manager and mobile apps developers for android and iOS platform to analyse, setup the hardware and do the changes accordingly to accommodate the fixes for upcoming version of the hardware and upgrade the app by removing deprecated libraries.

The whole engagement really helped the client to upgrade their older version of the app.



Pairing using Bluetooth

Device Monitoring

Device Listing


Offline/Export Data



Live tracking

Data Synchronization

Customized Temperature monitoring


Project Details

Team Size: 3 Members

Project Duration: 4 Weeks

Company Domain: Health Care

Company Location: Canada


Tech Stack

Native Android

Native iOS

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