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There is a writer in every one of us and we might not be professionally equipped but can sure write up our imaginations and meet those with same passion. So iView Labs worked recently on enhancing a similar existing platform ‘Story Wars’. It is a platform for all the creative writers to contribute and share each other’s works. If you start a book and run out of ideas for next chapter, the fellow members can take on your project and you can just see how great it becomes.

The idea behind story wars is a platform that offers random writers to come to a place with their amazing ideas and can express their thoughts. The platform challenges you to be the best version of yourself and have fun doing it. Different users can write a chapter to a story that they like and want to contribute to.

In Story Wars any person can pitch an idea and create a story, but the moment the story is published, it is no longer truly theirs, but it is adopted by the Story Wars Community.


Technical Implementation

The client here is a visionary entrepreneur who was looking to keep his writers community engaged by taking the product to the next level. The client primarily was looking for a tech team who is able to manage, maintain and develop his product so that he is able to retain his users.

Looking at the requirement, iView Labs full-stack development team was onboard within no time. iView Labs was able to cater to agile needs for development and maintenance coming from the client. We also proposed to carry out migration activity for the product to be updated with better technology, which would help the product to be up to date as per the industry and also in the long run it would be beneficial for maintaining the product.

We also approached some process changes which would help the client and product to steer the development, deployment in the right direction. Our agility and flexibility make us to go the extra mile in our support to make sure our client is comfortable and happy.

Casestudy key feature


  • Discussion Forum
  • In-app chat
  • Rewards
  • Payment integration
  • Story rating
  • In-Built Blog
Casestudy benefits


  • On-demand Development team.
  • Faster Releases, due to increased resources, process up-gradation, tech up-gradation.
  • Migration from AngularJS to Angular 7 is winning change for the product.
  • Increased Operational transparency in the development by using Git as a code versioning tool and having Agile methodology for product development.
  • Exceptional support removed all the geographical barriers for communication between the client and our team.
Project Details

Project Details

  • Team Size : 4 People
  • Project Duration : 12 Weeks
  • Company Domain : Education
  • Company Location : Sweden
Technology Stack

Tech Stack

  • Heroku
  • Node JS
  • Angular

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