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Royal Voyager

Royal Voyager is a travel concierge with a passion for providing bespoke travel experiences.

Travel | Netherlands

Royal Voyager - Luxury Made Personal offers a event services, Personal Shopping Services, range of luxury travel services, including custom itineraries, private jet charters, luxury yacht rentals, and access to exclusive destinations and experiences. The focus is on creating tailored travel solutions that reflect the individual tastes and requirements of their clients, providing unparalleled service and attention to detail.

iViewLabs was approached by Royal Voyager to develop an innovative website aimed at enhancing their digital footprint ,captivating sophisticated clientele, and optimizing user-friendly interactions for seamless bookings and communications.


Technical Implementation

We developed a website that serves as an easy-to-use menu and layout so visitors can quickly find the information they need about Royal Voyager’s services, making their experience pleasant and straightforward.

We keep the website fast and smooth, we optimized all images and videos so they load quickly without losing quality, making the site visually appealing without slowing it down.

we Integrated easy-to-use contact forms, complete with Google Maps integration, and a streamlined booking system, simplifying client communication and service requests.



  • Transportation Services

  • Accommodation

  • Events

  • Customer Support

  • User Account



  • Comprehensive Services

  • User-Friendly Interface

product details

Project Details

  • Team Size: 2 Members

  • Project Duration: 2 Weeks

  • Company Domain: Travel

  • Company Location: Netherlands


Tech Stacks

  • Wix

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