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The Jewellery Closet is an augmented reality Mobile or Kiosk based application where customers can virtually try on new designs and pieces

RetailTech | India

With the Indian Retail industry growing at a rapid pace and contributing to almost 22% of the nation’s GDP, a disruption in this enterprise is imminent. Our applications are in line with the amplifying e-commerce market. The inventive solutions we propose have only a singular mission: to differentiate your business and strategy from the white noise.The Jewelry closet is a revolutionary way of purchasing in brick and mortar retail stores. This augmented reality setting not only showcases the designs of the retailer but also lets the customer “try” them on real time using facial recognition and photo capture. Our client saw reduced costs with respect to in-store inventory, increase in sales and creation of a unique brand relationship with every customer.

We at iView can design and customize the product at every stage. Our team of engineers and software experts have the capability to build this entire solution as a package as well as individual components. Our process of conceptualization, prototyping, design, development and deployment ensures a quality check at every stage and client engagement at every step.




Easy Drag and Drop designs

3D view to check facet of make, quality & design

Face detection & photo capture for instant looks

Showcase facility to ensure a gallery like output

Inventory and cash transaction management

Sufficient inbuilt storage for a variety of products



Wow- factor with face detection

3D view enhances purchasing decisions

Easy view on single screen

Optimization of inventory & increasing sales

Enhanced productivity of the inhouse sales staff

Increases brand experience



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