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Prime For Life

Build Strength Not Frailty

Fitness Tech | United Kingdom

This application is built to manage the Coaches (Prime For Life coaches, Healthcare Professionals) and the Older Adults to keep track of their daily workouts.

Once any registers themselves in Prime For Life App then a Coach will be assigned to them.

They are assigned a programme which loops through an ordered list of workout videos for exercise everyday.

Older Adults will get a reminder message on a daily basis in that their workout time including a thumbnail link to the workout video for that day and that opens in full-screen mode.


Technical Implementation

Team iView Labs worked with Prime For Life App team to help with Mobile App Developers who work with their team to build, support and maintain their fitness mobile app.

We selecting the right tech stack because it is crucial for creating a successful fitness app. Consider the platform (iOS, Android, or both), programming languages, and frameworks needed to build the app.

We implemented UI/UX design which is easy to use. We consider the app's target audience and their specific needs and preferences.

Our developers must test this app thoroughly to ensure that it functions correctly and is free from bugs or errors. We used testing frameworks or manual testing methods.



  • Sign In & Sign Up

  • Progress Tracking Tests

  • Track Daily Workout

  • Push Notifications

  • Upload Workout Video



  • Tracking

  • Convenience

  • ​Motivations

product details

Project Details

  • Team Size: 02 Members

  • Project Durations: 04 Months

  • Company Domain: Fitness Tech

  • Company Locations: United Kingdom


Tech Stack

  • React Native

  • AWS

  • GraphQL

  • AWS Amplify Plugin

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