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Octopus Cloud

It is a cloud-based platform

Cloud Services | Switzerland is a cloud-based solution developed by Octopus Systems, a software company that specializes in building integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) and Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software. is designed to provide a comprehensive and flexible platform for managing facilities, assets, and maintenance operations.

We provide transparency to the licensing and IT landscape so service providers can optimize SPLA licensing and develop a clear path towards cloud transformation. Octopus Cloud solves SPLA licensing reporting challenges and helps you identify Cloud Migration Opportunities.


Technical Implementation

Our Team of developers working with various programming languages, tools, and frameworks to build and test the application.

This process likely included designing the architecture of the system, developing the user interface and backend components, and testing the application for functionality, scalability, and security.

Once the application was ready for deployment from our side, it was likely deployed on the cloud infrastructure using virtual machines or containers, which allow for the application to run in a scalable and flexible way.

The cloud infrastructure provider would manage the underlying infrastructure, including servers, storage, and networking, while Octopus Systems would be responsible for managing the application itself.



Automated Deployment

Task Management

Platform Integrations

Report & Analysis

Robust Security



Improved efficiency

Enhanced compliance

Enhanced user experience

Improved Security


Project Details

Team Members: 02 Members

Project Duration: 04 Months

Company Location: Switzerland


Tech Stack


MS SQL Server

Angular JS


Company Domain: Cloud Services

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