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NeoNexus(Unlock Defi)

It provides DeFi solutions to users of the Neo Nexus blockchain.

Blockchain Metaverse | United States

NeoNexus is a metaverse project that features both a planned utility and a governance coin. It had sold over 4,000 “property NFTs,” with the project planning to offer a further 6,000 property NFTs and character, vehicle and accessory tokens planned for the future. The project currently has over 13,000 members in its Discord channel.

NeoNexus is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that aims to unlock the potential of cross-chain liquidity in the DeFi space. The platform allows users to trade and swap assets across multiple blockchains, enabling them to access a wider range of investment opportunities and liquidity sources.

NeoNexus aims to provide a decentralized and interoperable DeFi platform that enables users to access a wider range of investment opportunities and liquidity sources.


Technical Implementation

Team iView Labs worked with Unlock Defi - NeoNexus team to help with Unity 3D Developers who work with their team to build, support and maintain their web app.

We were able to match up to their product needs and tech team talent needs in just 24 hours by providing a Unity 3D Developer to help building, supporting maintaining their web portal.

The developer who got onboarded for this project were working directly with the Team of NeoNexus, this has helped to get the real exposure to understand product and client needs in a much better way.



Decentralised Exchange

Low Transaction Costs

High Security Standards

Cross Chain Transactions



Increased security

Access to a range of DeFi products

Community-driven approach


High-speed transactions


Project Details

Team Size: 02 Members

Project Durations: 02 Months

Company Domain: Blockchain Metaverse

Company Location: United States


Tech Stack



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