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Mobile Work Force Management

Tracking 7000+ mobile work force and verifying 2m+ voters for community census

Survey | Ghana

Collecting the data of the local population was a challenge in Africa and much bigger challenge was to measure its accuracy. Since the data is related to Voter’s bank, the government has to ensure its privacy, secrecy, reliability, accuracy without compromising on its scalability. Since the Agents were always in the field to collect the data from the population and therefore they needed a digital solution through which they can enter the correct data corresponding to the location where the population is stationed.

The solution of MWFM we built can then be used by the government to capture the census accurately and further helps them to use this vital information for several social security benefits, which they launch for the society.




Unique IOT solution

Redundant & Time consuming

100% Drive efficiency

5x operational cost reduction



Recording the data of the user taking the picture

Schedule the task roadmaps using google maps

Recording the location & confirm presence



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