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It's an Adaptive Learning Platform

EdTech | Poland

mCourser is a learning based application. Where students will enroll into the application and choose different courses as the requirement and also there are suggestions would be provided based on completing the assessment/ activity.

This web app also provides activity tracker and different activity on web applications. This activity is managed by application under different options such as Dashboard, My content, Collections, Connections, My school, Assignments, Contests.

mCourser is the most versatile, highly scalable white-label Learning Management System & eContent Distribution Platform dedicated to modern educational publishers willing to manage and deliver their highly interactive educational eContent packages to hundreds of thousands of teachers and students.


Technical Implementation

Team iView Labs creating libraries for basic to complex components and services. Also writing unit test cases for the library and used Karma and Jasmine library for the web app.

Our team create different tools for teachers by which teaching method becomes modern, comfortable and effective process with easily created Assignments, automatic Assessments capabilities, customized Test Creation Tools, and much more.

We implemented report feature, which have variety of detailed reports for teachers & parents. It can quickly identify learners’ strong or weak areas and suggest the extension or remedy materials. School admins can also analyze the school wide results and monitor teachers and students activities.



  • Interactive Exercises

  • Open Architecture

  • Online/Offline Work

  • Intuitive navigation

  • System Reliability



  • Competitive advantage

  • Revenue growth

  • Enhanced user experience

  • Improved efficiency

  • Increased user base

product details

Project Details

  • Team Size: 02 Members

  • Project Durations: 06 Months

  • Company Domain: Education Tech

  • Company Locations: Poland


Tech Stack

  • Angular 10

  • Karma & Jasmine

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