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Investment Management Platform

A tech-enabled investment management platform, providing goal-based robo-advisory services

Fintech | USA & Nigeria

GuardianWealth is a tech-enabled investment management platform, providing goal based robo-advisory services.

This fintech platform’s goal is to offer their clients a convenient and simplified approach to align their financial goals and/or values with an investment plan.

An auto generated portfolio is assigned to the client based on its financial goals and its risk profile after the client signs up.

This platform has 4 signature products: Wealth Builder, Goal Saver, Early Starter, Thematic Investors.


Technical Implementation

Team iView Labs provided a dedicated product development team for MVP development and took its accountability for their Launch timeline.

The entire development was carried out in an agile way with sprints planning, execution & retrospective being held weekly with the client to ensure smooth progress.

Team iView Labs also implemented CI/CD pipeline for staging and production server.

Our Team ensured a Web MVP is ready within a 16 weeks of timeline.



Financial Investments

Multiple Investment Goals

Goal Plan Updation

Secure Payment



Enhanced Customer Service

Complete Automation

Low Cost Alternative Use


Project Details

Team Size: 4 Members

Project Duration: 16 Weeks

Company Domain: Fintech

Company Location: USA & Nigeria


Tech Stack

React JS

Node JS


Let's Talk

We're here to build something innovative for you. Let's discuss in detail.

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