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Email and File Archive App

A mobile app to manage your archived emails & files

Software Tool | Slovakia

Email & File Archive App is a modular product primarily designed to solve email archive and file archive scenarios in an organization.

It uses built-in or custom plugins, which are able to connect with many kind of input systems and process the information as desired.

Based on the plugins, contentACCESS is providing email, SharePoint and file management and also archive in the cloud or on premise.

With contentACCESS you can choose from many storage systems to store your data–either with the built-in processing or with a completely custom processing workflow.


Technical Implementation

Team Tech Arrow was looking to upgrade their existing caMobile App to the latest ionic version, the major obstacle in this activity was that they didn't have any technical documentation.

Team iView Labs, quickly started exploring existing source code and listed down the flow and open bugs and checked feasibility of new enhancements and shared implementation plans.

Team iView Labs, successfully met the client expectations in 8 weeks, and shared an upgraded codebase with proper technical documentation with the client.



File & Folder Browsing

Manage Files

Language Localization

Dynamic Launch Screen & Theme


Local Storage



Advanced Filters

Offline Data

Quick Search Archived Data


Project Details

Team Size: 3 Members

Project Duration: 8 Weeks

Company Domain: Software Tool

Company Location: Slovakia


Tech Stack


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