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Plan and Organize your house construction

Fintech | Germany

Building a house definitely sounds very exciting but it does adds up a lot of temporal load and stress to people who are full time employed & engaged in jobs. Building a house/Renovating a house needs constant monitoring and active involvement to ensure the progress is smooth and the timelines and budget are met.

The idea behind building this product is to ensure a system which will help people to manage their building/Renovation project in an organized way, where they have the complete control and an oversight on their finances, tasks, goals & accomplishments.

Buildr is a project management tool especially targeted for digital savvy people who are looking to manage their project of building a house, renovating a house. This tool will ensure a management system which is envisioned to provide a full transparency, control & overview in terms of budget, goals, tasks etc.


Technical Implementation

Understanding the client’s requirements, iView’s technical team suggested on the tech stack, technical architecture and technical resources to build & launch the MVP as soon as possible. We helped the client to achieve a complete operational transparency by adapting agile methodology for MVP development. We also helped the client to achieve continuous development and deployment with the help of our in-house DevOps team. At any given time, the client was able to know the no. of builds and its statistics and get the build auto deploy to multiple servers, which helped the client to get entire visibility in product development lifecycle.

All the agile processes and coding standards were followed by us which ensured standardization of code at multiple modules. We also designed and developed micro web services for different modules and helped the client to deploy a server less web application.



  • Dashboard

  • Documents

  • Calendar

  • Notes

  • To Dos

  • Notifications



  • User Friendly solution

  • Scalable Architecture by 100%

  • Increased Operational transparency by 80%.

  • Reduced Manual Intervention by DevOps

  • Launched MVP in just 120 days.

  • Faster Time to Market by 50%.

product details

Project Details

  • Team Size: 4 People

  • Project Duration: 16 Weeks

  • Company Domain: FinTech

  • Company Location: Germany


Tech Stack

  • AWS Micro-Services

  • Node JS

  • Angular

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