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The AI Personalized investing

Abu Dhabi

docdok Health

DocDok Health is in one of the top 50 swiss healthcare products and is also now in the Gold List of Swiss Innovation program

Swiss Israel


A digital store that can deliver any daily necessity product in 30 minutes

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  • iView Labs 1.0 (2012-2015)
  • We build computer vision technologies delivering experiential solution based on touch & gesture being among the first few companies in india doing this back then, we belived we had found our niche.

    - Naive Optimism

  • iView Labs 2.0 (2015-2020)
  • We did not just want to provide “nice to have” services, but be an integral part of our clients business. We worked with Startups and companies to build their ideas into digital products, from scratch. We probed, listened and understood our customers needs to find scale for ourservices.

    - building, Surviving & Exploring

  • iView Labs 2.0 (2021-Present)
  • We were finally not just thinking about survival, but about growing and scaling. We are now transitioning from a small Bespoke Development Agency, building tech products to solving problem of our customer: "RightTechteam", who is able to remove Operational Road blocks in the journey of product building.

    - Growing & Scaling