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Critical Analysis Tool

M-CAT Application for the masters and the global leaders in the Customized Blown Film Technology Mobile support on smartphones and tablets Effective retention of information

iView Labs have developed a Software for M-CAT (Mamta Critical Analysis Tool) for the Masters and Global Leaders in the Customized Blown Film technology: it was always a challengeable task for Mamta team to carry the Machines for Showcase and Sales and therefore in order to have the virtual look and configuration of Machines – iView Labs developed the M-CAT App which helps their sales and technical team to create the Dashboard of Client’s requirements based on their custom requirements of the Blown Film Machine. The whole concept has eliminated their Configuration Challenge and therefore they can now configure the plant in just few minutes. The entire stakeholders and boards have now found a source to increase the productivity and close the sales faster by configuring the Machine Plant in just few Touches.


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