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Pitaji ECommerce Web App

It's an eCommerce web app that offers a wide range of products to customers

E-Commerce | India

PITAJI is a one stop solution for customers, and getting Building Materials and Real Estate services. It is a platform where people can buy, sell, rent the properties as well as buy or sell the building materials.

​With the most exhaustive property options and trustworthy real estate deals, Pitaji is an ultimate guide for all your real estate needs. We are a dynamic online real estate portal providing platform for selling, buying, renting and financing properties for both residential and commercial purpose.

We have an established network with builders and developers in the city. We are closely involved and empower various turnkey real estate projects.


Technical Implementation

Team iView Labs choose a suitable ecommerce platform for developing the Pitaji Ecommerce web app, such as Shopify. This will ensure that the website is equipped with features for managing the products, processing the orders, and handling the payments.

Our Team set up payment gateway integration to handle credit card processing, using PayPal.

We implement an inventory management system that allows the PiTAJI team to easily add, remove, and update product listings on the website. We also implement a search feature that allows users to search for specific products, metals, gemstones with price range.



Customer Support & Services

Theme Integrations

Payment Integration

Search Functionality

Customer Review & Ratings



Enhanced customer loyalty

Increased revenue

Improved efficiency

Increased customer base

product details

Project Details

Team Size: 03 Members

Project Durations: 02 Months

Company Domain: ECommerce

Company Location: India


Tech Stack


Paypal Integrations

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