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Books are big business, as per pwc research on Book market. Around the world, people spent billions on books. The region encompassing Europe, the Middle East, and Asia represents the largest share of sales. Online sales of books will increase by way of eBooks. The Internet and online bookstores will become the key distribution channels and will take on more tasks.

The global e-book publishing revenue, as per statista is 12.32 billion USD and Revenue in the eBooks segment in Thailand itself amounts to US $71m in 2020. With such high numbers, it's very clear that the popularity of Ebooks is ever increasing.The traditional book market is looking for ways to transform and embrace the power of digital and multiple platforms.

Our customer, in Thailand, South East Asia was looking to build mobile applications for its digital savvy users by building an Online book store application of ebooks, where readers can purchase, download, store, choose their books. Also the online book store application is a multi language platform, where the application supports Thai language too.


iView's Solution

Our design team helped the customer in designing a user friendly mobile application.

Our Design team helped to ease the user journey from browsing, selecting to purchasing an ebook.

Our technical lead for this project helped the customer in choosing libraries for ebook viewing, which further enhanced the mobile user’s experience.

Our development team not just developed but also managed the launching of mobile applications in app store and play store.

Project Details

Project Details

  • Team Size : 5 Members
  • Project Duration : 6 Weeks
  • Company Domain : Educational
  • Company Location : Thailand
Technology Stack

Technology Stack

  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Laravel Backend Development
Casestudy key feature

Key Features

  • Registration
  • In App PDF Viewer
  • Manage Profile
  • E-Book Annotations
  • Review & Rating
  • Recommendation
  • Offline Mode
  • Multi-Language
Casestudy benefits


  • Accessibility Anywhere
  • Portability on all platforms
  • Wide range of books
  • Larger market share
  • Ease of buying
  • Maximum Customer loyalty

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