Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Plugin

Automation of loyalty points and its redemption by integrating Dynamics 365 F&O (Finance & Operations) module.

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A Swedish customer who is currently developing an ecosystem which can be used as a no-code platform for any business. This platform facilitates businesses to create customized workflows for theirs business units.

iView Labs developed a Microsoft Dynamics 365 plugin to automate business workflow for loyalty points and its redemption for invoices generated. This plugin integrated with Finance & Operations module of Dynamics 365.

A 2 way integration was developed from a loyalty workflow to Dynamics 365 and from F&O to the no code platform.


iView's Solution

Team iView Labs assigned 1 Account Manager and 1 Senior MS Dynamics 365 developer to execute the project.

Team iView Labs completed the task as per client expectation within 2.5 weeks of time.

Team iView Labs also added feature of re-triggering the failed transaction manually.

Project Details

Project Details

  • Team Size : 2 Members
  • Project Duration : 2.5 Weeks
  • Company Domain : IT
  • Company Location : Sweden
Technology Stack

Technology Stack

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO Extensions
Casestudy key feature

Key Features

  • Configuration Of Endpoint
  • Post Data on new invoice
  • Re-run Failed Transaction
Casestudy benefits


  • Defining customized workflows
  • Automate Loyalty points distribution
  • Integration with Dynamics 365 F&O

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