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Food Loyalty Platform

Loyalty and Discount Engine

Food | India

Customer Retention, Brand Loyalty and Brand Value are the key aspects in present time to make any business successful. Our master suite for Food Tech Players offer the loyalty platform and restaurant discovery platform by using the discounting engine and loyalty engine to increase customer value and brand value of the users. Our Loyalty Aggregator platform helps restaurant owners to give rewards and coupons to new and existing.

Food and beverages is undergoing massive disruption from where it was a decades ago to where it is now. From online booking of the meal to getting loyalty to discovering favourites restaurants. Food tech is said to be the new industry. Our master suite for Food Tech playes offers the loyalty platform and restaurant discovery platform for the users. It is all-in-one touch rewarding solution to the loyal customers by just one click.




  • 7x increased customer engagement

  • Increased restaurant revenue

  • Higher brand value

  • Easy geolocation rewards



  • Customer and brand engagement

  • Resource optimization

  • Giving rewards to your loyal customers

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