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Damage Policy

1. Reporting Damage

Guests are required to report any damages promptly to the Host/Native Homes representative via the Booking platform messaging tool to ensure timely repairs and prevent further damage.

2. Assessment of Damages

Upon check out, a designated representative will conduct a thorough inspection of the apartment. A written record of any damages beyond normal wear and tear will be documented.

3. Deductions from Security Deposit

The security deposit will be used to cover the cost of repairing damages beyond normal wear and tear. Deductions may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Damages to walls, floors, or ceilings

  • Broken or damaged fixtures

  • Stains or damage to furnishings

  • Unapproved alterations to the property

  • Excessive dirt, filth, or pet-related damages

  • Missing or broken appliances, furniture, or other provided items

4. Itemized Statement

Within 5 days of checking out, the host will provide the guest with an itemized statement detailing the deductions made from the security deposit and the remaining balance, if any.

5. Dispute Resolution

In the event that the guest disagrees with the deductions, a written explanation must be provided to the Host within 5 days. Both parties will work towards a resolution, and if necessary, legal procedures will be followed.

6. Maintenance Responsibilities

Guests are responsible for notifying to host of any emergency maintenance and minor repairs that are needed during the stay

7.  Compliance with Local Laws

This damage policy is subject to local laws and regulations. Any clauses that contradict local laws are null and void

8. Signature

Both parties (host and Guests) acknowledge and agree to the terms of this damage policy by signing this agreement

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